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Scriptures - Zechariah 8:11-17 and 1 Peter 3:13-17 from The Common English Bible

Zechariah 8:11-17

11 But now, unlike those earlier days, I'll be with the few remaining among this people, says the LORD of heavenly forces. 

12 The seed is healthy: the vine will give its fruit. The land will give its produce; the heavens will give its dew. I will give the remnant of this people all these things. 

13 Just as you were a curse among the nations, house of Judah and house of Israel, so now I will deliver you; you will be a blessing. Don't fear, but be strong. 

14 The LORD of heavenly forces proclaims: Just as I planned evil against you when your ancestors angered me, says the LORD of heavenly forces, and did not relent, 15 so now I have changed course and again plan to do good to Jerusalem and the house of Judah. Don't be afraid. 

16 These are the things you should do: Speak the truth to each other; make truthful, just, and peaceable decisions within your gates. 

17 Don't plan evil for each other. Don't adore swearing falsely, for all of these are things that I hate, says the LORD. 

1st Peter 3: 13-17

13 Who will harm you if you are zealous for good? 

14 But happy are you, even if you suffer because of righteousness! Don't be terrified or upset by them. 

15 Instead, regard Christ as holy in your hearts. Whenever anyone asks you to speak of your hope, be ready to defend it. 

16 Yet do this with respectful humility, maintaining a good conscience. Act in this way so that those who malign your good lifestyle in Christ may be ashamed when they slander you. 

17 It is better to suffer for doing good (if this could possibly be God's will) than for doing evil.

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